• What does the Validator check?
    • Validator checks file readiness for adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) with Unified Streaming software. created based on years of experience working with and supporting our customers, advising Best Practice requirements all correlating with industry standards and specifications.

  • What file type can I validate?
    • The supported MP4 file extensions are mp4, cmfv, cmfa, cmft, ismv, isma, ismt

  • How are the tests defined?
  • Can I upload a manifest?
    • Not in this version, this feature is on the roadmap

  • How can I use the tool for testing?
    • Run each of your assets through Validator before using it to generate your video stream

  • Can I integrate the tool into my workflow (via command line for example)?
    • Not in this version, contact us to discuss your needs

  • How do I report a problem with the validator?
  • How can I contribute?
    • You can share feedback, example files and scenarios with us as we continue to enrich the Validator

  • Is there an option to filter out results?
    • Not in this version, this feature is on the roadmap

  • Can I share the result with my colleague?
    • Yes, you can download and share the .txt report. If your analysis was performed on an asset publicly available via URL you can also share a link that your colleagues can use to reproduce the analysis themselves

  • Are there any known limitations?

    Yes, these are some known limitations that will be removed in next releases:

    • mp4 with 64-bit length are unsupported. This translates in a hard limit of 4 GB size for files to be validated. Anything larger will be successfully uploaded but not parsed!

  • Is my uploaded content safe? Where is it stored?

    The content is uploaded to the server hosting the validator web application, on Unified Streaming’s premises. Media is only stored to disk for the scope of the analysis and immediately deleted, with two different policies:

    • content uploaded from customer’s hosts (using the “Browse…” button) is retained for 15 minutes to allow customers to run multiple suites on the same content without having to upload it again.

    • content provided via an URL is immediately deleted after the analysis.